Ice Dam Removal Tips & Services
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Ice Dam Removal Tips & Services

Winter provides us with a handful of problems to deal with during the season. One of the most common issues many DMV area homeowners run across is large build-ups of frozen moisture on our roof called ice dams. Not only are ice dams an eyesore, but they also inflict a costly amount of damage.

Let’s discuss how to get rid of these ice dams and talk about Key Choice Restore’s ice dam removal services!

How do Ice Dams Form?

Ice dams are exclusively a winter issue. When homes suffer heat loss, much of that hot air will escape through your attic and out of your roof. While the outdoor temperature is well below freezing, this sieve of air will warm your roof above freezing, causing snow to melt.

The snowmelt will make its way down the slope of your roof to the gutters and eaves, where it will begin to freeze again. This process repeats until the ice dam is too big to ignore.

Dangers of Ice Dams

Ice dams can cause both monetary and bodily damage. Leaving an ice dam to form, build, and

break will bring any shingles or underlayment right with it, prompting roof repair or replacement.

Ice dams will also become a hazard for your gutters, siding, and windows as they may be in the path of destruction.

Ice dams breaking off can be unpredictable. All it takes is the wrong timing, and you, or a family member, might be in the path of a falling ice dam which can cause serious harm.

Ice Dam Removal & Prevention

Fortunately, there are ways to remove and prevent ice dams altogether! The best way to avoid ice dams is to insulate your attic properly. Attic insulation prevents heat loss from the main area of your home, keeping warmth from raising the temperature of your roof.

A standard method of ice dam removal is steam. These machines are specifically designed to provide high-heat/low-steam, helping remove ice dams affecting the layers of your roof. The high steam begins to strip away and melt the ice while the gentle pressure pushes the moisture away from the top.

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