How to Fix a Wet Basement
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How to Fix a Wet Basement

A wet basement can cause a tremendous amount of problems. Not only do wet basements smell bad, but the moisture can also help promote mold growth around your home, which causes the overall air quality of your home to deteriorate – and the property value to drop.

Fortunately, there are ways to combat a wet basement and prevent future occurrences from happening in the first place.

Here are some tips to fix your wet basement!

Reroute Gutters

The main job of gutters on your home is to divert any water that falls on your roof from pooling around the foundation. However, if your basement becomes wet after a rainstorm, your gutters may not be diverting the water far away.

Rerouting your gutter drains will take the water that falls on your roof far enough away from your foundation so no pooled water has a way inside.

Additionally, you may want to install gutter guards or have your gutters cleaned to promote better drainage on stormy days.

Plug Holes in Your Plumbing

Eventually, the pipes snaking in and around your home will suffer general wear and tear. Over time, the pipe lining may start to erode, which can have water coming out at a slow drip.

Even though it’s not a lot of water at once, the constant drip over time will take its toll, leaving you with a wet basement. A quick fix to this is to pick up some hydraulic cement and patch any holes in the pipes as you can in an effort to negate any water breach.

Install a French Drain

Invented by a named Henry French, the French drain provides excellent water diversion away from your home. A French drain is installed by digging up a pathway leading away from your home. A perforated pipe is placed within the trench with river rocks piled on top.

When it rains, the water sifts through the river rocks and collects in the drain, which directs it away from your home and to the local sewers.

Utilize a Sump Pump

Sometimes, with precautions, you still might end up with water in your basement. Installing a sump pump can cost you a few thousand dollars, but will help keep your basement dry.

The perforated pipe will have to go under the concrete floor, but once it’s there, it will collect rainwater and bring it to the lowest spot in the house. The sump pump will shoot the water outside and away from your home!

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