Roof Inspection Service: When to Get Your Roof Inspected
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Roof Inspection Service: When to Get Your Roof Inspected

The roof over your head is your home’s first line of defense, protecting you from the elements. But when something is the first line of defense, it’s going to take on quite a bit of wear and tear.

Catching early signs of a potential roofing problem can save your time, money, and a whole lot of headaches down the road. However, knowing when to inspect your roof is essential to catching these early problems.

Here are some situations where you should consider getting your roof inspected.

After a Severe Storm

Storm damage is a common way your roof can lose years off its lifespan. Heavy winds, flying debris, and dangerous precipitation such as hail all make for an effective concoction of destruction.

If severe weather storms through your area, it’s best to assess the damage (if any) as soon as possible after the storm passes. You don’t want to lose the opportunity to file a claim with your insurance company!

Once a Year

Even if it was a forgiving year temperature-wise and no severe weather has made its way through your area, you should inspect the condition of your roof once a year. The elements may not have had a large contributing factor to your roof’s deterioration, but good ‘ole time and entropy sure have!

The best time of year for your yearly inspection is autumn, as you can clean the leaves off the roof at the same time.

Water Leaking from the Roof or Attic

Water leaking from your roof causes a myriad of problems to your home. A consistent drip of water can damage many facets of your interior, such as the wood framing and electrical wires.

When you notice moisture dripping from your ceiling and attic, it’s best to contact a professional for an inspection right away. Some roofing issues can be fixed with a simple repair, while others require a more substantial solution.

Moisture in Your Basement or Around Your Home

When you find water in your basement after a storm, there is most likely a problem with your foundation. On the other hand, a secondary problem could be the water flow away from your home.

Gutters are an integral part of your roof and your home in general. They are responsible for directing water from your foundation. Gutters also protect your roof from water damage as it negates any water from pooling on your roof, leading to shingle damage. When gutters become clogged, however, it can lead to excess water on your roof and around your foundation.

If you find water in your basement or excess water around your home, it’s a good idea to inspect your roof and assess whether your gutters need cleaning. If you can see debris in your gutters from the ground, it’s time.

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