What Is a Torch Down Roof and What Are the Benefits?
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What Is a Torch Down Roof and What Are the Benefits?

Does your building have a flat roof and require replacement? You’ve been looking up different roof replacement styles and you’ve come across torch down roofing, but you have no idea what is. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s go over what a torch down roof is and the benefits of installing it on your DMV metro area property.

What Is a Torch Down Roof?

Also known as “torch on” roofing, torch down roofing is the most common type of roofing installment on flat or slightly sloped roofs.

Applied with a propane torch, several bitumen membranes are applied to your roof, giving it a water-tight seal.

Two Styles of Torch Down Roofs

When choosing to install a torch down roof, you have two options at your disposal:

  • The first option is a two-layer install that consists of one base sheet and a smooth top layer. This is the more affordable option but does not last as long or give you as many benefits.
  • The second option is a three-layer install which has the same two layers as the first option but adds a third layer with a granulated surface. This option may cost a bit more but will last longer while having more benefits including curb appeal and fire resistance.

Torch Down Roof Installation

To better understand torch down roofs, let’s go over the installation process:

  1. Insulation is attached to the bare roof using screws, plates, or adhesives.
  2. Next, a moisture barrier will be laid on top of the insulation which helps prevent moisture and condensation build-up throughout your new roof.
  3. Installed on top of the moisture barrier is an overlay board that supports the following layers.
  4. Once the overlay board is installed, the first base sheet will be applied by use of the propane torch
  5. After your base layers are installed, the final cap sheet will be installed.

Benefits of Torch Down Roofs

There are many benefits to installing torch down roofing:

Energy Efficiency

Torch down roofing’s layered system will help protect your home or commercial building from the sun’s UV rays, helping you save on your energy costs.

Water Resistance

As mentioned before, torch down roofing’s main benefit is its superior water resistance.


In any climate, torch down roofing can last up to 20 years or more!

Fire Resistance

When you install the granulated cap with the three-layer system, you gain the benefit of fire resistance.

Choose Key Choice Restore for Torch Down Roofing Installation

Considering installing a torch down roof on your property or require other exterior services, such as siding and gutter work? Contact Key Choice Restore!

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