Discover the Best Ways to Clean Gutters
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Discover the Best Ways to Clean Gutters

Gutters are an often-overlooked facet of a house but play a vital role of directing rain from a storm away from your roof and the rest of your home. Properly working gutters will keep both your roof and your foundation dry, prolonging their lifespans immensely.

When gutters don’t work properly, water can seep through your roof’s shingles, causing water damage to the structure of your roof. The same can be said for the foundation as water can begin to seep through, causing the foundation to crack or shift and sink.

Dirty or clogged gutters are the number one culprit in a nonfunctioning drainage system. When it comes to cleaning out your gutters, you have several options.

Garden Hose

This method of cleaning your gutters only works if they are not thoroughly clogged. With the right hose attachments, you can even clean out your gutters without standing on a ladder!

Start spraying out the gutters closest to the downspouts and work your way in. When you see only clean water coming out of the downspout, it’s safe to say the gutter is clean.

Wet/Dry Vacuum

Wet/dry vacuums are truly a nifty tool for almost any cleaning project. When gutters are completely clogged, taking a wet/dry vacuum and sucking up the debris is an effective solution.

Like the garden hose, you can purchase special attachments to easily reach the clog without stepping on a ladder. After you vacuum the debris, be sure to do a final rinse with your garden hose!

Power Washer

If it’s been entirely too long since you’ve cleaned your gutters, you might want to consider using a power washer, as there could now be a thick layer of dirt caked on.

Using a power washer not only dislodges debris in your gutters but will also peel off that layer of dirt. Just don’t use one if you don’t know what you’re doing!

Clogged Gutter Prevention

The best way to clean gutters is to avoid them becoming full of debris in the first place!

A quick gutter repair or installing gutter guards will help prevent sticks and leaves from falling into your gutter system, negating the need to clean them often.

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